Live your passion and enter the world of tennis with Impact-U Tennis. Our tennis coaches and instructors are committed and zealous about teaching people the art of playing tennis. No matter your age, or skill level, discover tennis again or pick-up a new skill for the first time, and we will see you soar-through into the next level of greats!


IMPACTU-Tennis conduct tennis lessons for adults, kids, whether individual or group lessons, we’ve got your back.  Improve your game and learn to play at ease using proper technics at one of our program location/partner sites.

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IMPACTU-Tennis coordinate Leagues and Tournaments.

We also provide tennis management and consulting for nonprofits, for-profit organizations, and other corporate accounts. Our tailored to fit tennis coaching style is provided to embrace the spirit of friendly competition, and team comradery…

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We offer Equipment and Gear services at a discount, as a courtesy service to our loyal and esteemed clients. We help you choose the right size Kit in our effort to give you more value for your money.

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